People last a lifetime,
My Heartspace lasts forever.

Your personal online safe space for keeping memories and holding Loved Ones close. My Heartspace let’s you schedule memories, presents or personal messages for your Loved Ones, to celebrate life even after yours ended.

Screenshot of the My Heartspace app's login screen featuring Huggy, the app's mascot, alongside an informative text explaining the app's purpose: 'Together, we will collect your beautiful moments. Let's start by setting up your environment.' The screen combines welcoming graphics with clear, concise information, inviting users to begin their journey in the app

The App

Let love live on.

Schedule messages, photo’s, special memories or even voice notes for your Loved Ones. Make sure to leave that special note on your child’s wedding, a good friends birthday or keep certain traditions alive.

Make sure to be there on all the special moments you or your Loved Ones value. My Heartspace let’s you simply conduct messages for the future and schedule them on specific dates, days after you’ve passed or linked to moments.

My Heartspace works on the principle of: you’re alive untill you aren’t. A bit cruel to say, but you assign your own guardians who are trusted with the unlocking power of your messages.

My Heartspace is a digital vault for everything you wish your Loved Ones should know or see. We guarantee to keep your information for 20 years post-mortum, this will never change.

About us

The start of my journey

Being confronted with death at a young age, and the empty feeling it leaves regarding unanswered questions, missing conversations or simply not being able to have your loved ones close, has been a part of me for a long time. After succesfully launching and selling my first tech-company, I finally found the time and resources to truly make a change on the way we handle loss. Coming from a place of my own desires, the team and I carefully constructed a seemingless way to celebrate life and say whatever you want to say to your loved ones. I hope you gain the same support and courage out of it.

Julian van der Wijst
Founder My Heartspace 

Julian, the owner of the company, sitting on the beach with his girlfriend, both enjoying the sunset. This photo captures a happy and serene moment, reflecting on their sabbatical, creating a lasting memory.
Screenshot of the My Heartspace app's homepage, featuring inspiring quotes designed to motivate users to create a moment. The page also showcases Huggy, the app's mascot, providing explanations and guidance about using the app. Additionally, the homepage displays various blog posts, adding educational and engaging content for the users.

The biggest gift to give.

Celebrating life forever, starts here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my data and moments safe with My Heartspace?2024-02-01T12:55:39+00:00

Absolutely! Think of My Heartspace as your personal online vault full of memories, moments, photos, and videos. Our system is designed in such a way that we, as admins, cannot access any data (everything is anonymized) and it is stored in the safest way possible. So, fill your vault with confidence with everything you want to say to your Loved Ones.

How does My Heartspace work?2024-01-17T14:36:35+00:00

My Heartspace let’s you create ‘moments’. Moments can contain of messages (accompanied by pictures), voice memo’s and video’s.
You can create moments for your Loved Ones, for them to see after you have passed. Decide when you’re Loved Ones see your messages, on specific dates in the future, after a specific amount of time or on a returning date after you’ve passed.

How does My Heartspace know if I have passed away?2024-04-17T09:05:24+00:00

Within My Heartspace you always have to assign at least one guardian. This guardian is able to notify us when you’ve passed.

What if my guardian does not notify My Heartspace about my passing?2024-01-16T13:41:03+00:00

Every My Heartspace users receives automated ‘sign of life’ requests on set times. If you don’t reply for a consecutive amount of times, we ask your guardian if something happend. If your guardians do not reply to our request, one of our staff members will pickup the phone to assure the correct procedure is starting.

How long will my information be kept after my passing?2024-01-17T14:37:09+00:00

Our mission statement is: People last a lifetime, My Heartspace lasts forever. We keep your directories active for 10 years after your passing, please read down below what happens after the first 10 years. After the first 10 years, your account will be ‘archived’ where all the information will remain accessible for your Loved Ones (and all outgoing messages will remain being sent) but at a slower loading speed.
If one of your Loved Ones wishes to see anything from your archived profile, the profile will be activated (which only means faster loading times) upon request.

How do I make sure my presents or flowers will be sent in the future?2024-01-16T13:42:53+00:00

Every paid request you do on My Heartspace (flowers, cards, gifts) will be charged on your account directly. We use the money paid to arrange your wishes in the future. Keep in mind that the prices of flowers now and in 10 years may vary, we always charge a normalized ‘inflation’-addition to the prices shown calculated accordingly.

My Heartspace App

Memories saved forever.

Let My Heartspace be your personal emotional vault. Where all the memories you share with your Loved Ones are stored. Not just a lifetime, but forever.

"Triptych screenshot of the My Heartspace app, showing three key screens. The first screen is the welcoming login page with mascot Huggy and an informative guide. The second screen highlights a poignant shared moment, set to be sent after the user's passing, with a personal message and photo. The third screen is the homepage, adorned with inspirational quotes to encourage moment creation, further guidance from Huggy, and featured blog posts, providing a comprehensive and engaging user experience.

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